Mulch, Compost & Topsoil Delivery

Mulch is great for your plants. It adds nutrients to the soil, helps it retain moisture (so you don't have to water as often), prevents soil compaction, insulates the soil from hot or cold conditions and suppresses weed growth. It even looks good!

But getting mulch, compost and dirt to your yard can be a pain! The standard mulches at the store are bulky (1.5 or 2 cubic feet), heavy, dirty, and -- despite their plastic wrap -- will leak all over your car. Our partner, the awesome (and local) Mulch Center (which supplies most of the premier landscape businesses in the area), can deliver truckloads of over 20 different varieties of mulch, compost and topsoil to your home. One of their products below is likely to be perfect for the yard project you have in mind. Plus you don't have to go to the store, break social containment, or get your car dirty!

For small projects, buying a couple bags of dirt or mulch at the big box store (about $3.33/bag -- 13.5 bags to the cubic yard) works. But, if your project is more significant, the number of bags you need adds up fast and you can only fit so much in your car per trip. You can save up to 40% (and a ton of time) versus buying bags. Our negotiated Club discount mulch prices are $21-$58/yard, depending on variety, plus delivery: $80 for up to 20 cubic yards to Deerfield, Glencoe, Glenview, Highland Park, Highwood, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Vernon Hills, Wheeling; $85 to Evanston, Kenilworth, Northfield, Skokie, Wilmette & Winnetka; more for far away zones (Oak Brook is $135, Bolingbrook & Naperville are $155). You can even get two products in the same truckload -- for instance, mulch and topsoil -- for an additional $25 split delivery fee. *

How much do you need? Use the Mulch Center's Cubic Yardage Calculator.

Can we help you get a delivery of mulch, compost or topsoil? Because of our special relationship with the Mulch Center, we can pretty much schedule your mulch delivery any time you want it, with a few days notice. Email us at, and we'll help you get set up.


Premium Mulch/Triple Ground

Rich brown color. Protects plants and retains moisture. Great looking product, a best seller.

$26.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Classic Mulch/Double Ground

Lighter brown, breaks down slowly. The most economical mulch product.

$21.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Shredded Aged Mulch

Lightly shredded, dark rich brown color. Reduces weed growth and increases soil aeration.

$27.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Fine Grind Mulch

A finely ground mixture of locally sourced organics. Just the right size with a dark rich color that spreads evenly.

$29.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Color Enhanced Mulch - Bright Red

Retains its color. Long lasting. Looks natural. Environmentally Safe.

$33.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Color Enhanced Mulch - Chocolate Brown

Retains its color. Long lasting. Looks natural. Environmentally safe.

$33.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Color Enhanced Mulch - Deep Black

Retains its color. Long lasting. Looks natural. Environmentally safe.

$33.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Southern Hardwood Bark Mulch

Resists fading. Long lasting. Great product to highlight new plantings.

$52.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Western Hardwood Bark Mulch

Almost identical to our Southern Hardwood Bark Mulch at a fraction of the cost.

$47.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Northern Hardwood Bark Mulch

A mixture of locally sourced hard and soft woods. Long lasting with a natural caramel shade.

$32.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Cedar Grind

Light golden blonde color. Shredded texture. Acts as a natural insect repellant.

$43.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Leaf Mulch

Great for your perennials. Improves soil structure. Stimulates beneficial soil fungi.

$28.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Planting Bed Mix

A balanced mixture of topsoil, screened compost, sand, mushroom compost and leaf mulch, used to heighten and enrich new and established plantings.

$45.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Screened Compost

Adds nutrients to the soil. Improves pH. Loosens clay soils. Perfect for vegetable gardens, flower beds, trees and shrubs.

$30.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Enhanced Mushroom Compost

Nature's helper & conditioner. Ideal for new plantings. Builds mycorrhizal activity.

$28.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Winter Blend

Winter blend of highly enriched organics. Nourishes and protects plant roots. Best time to apply is October-December.

$29.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Top Dressing Mix

A beneficial organic blend of topsoil and humus that will improve your lawn's health. Great for seeding, leveling and helps thatch control

$40.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Pine Fines

A finely ground pine bark product. Provides a balanced pH and an excellent soil conditioner to help introduce nutrients.

$60.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Screened Topsoil

Just plain, good black dirt! (by the way, 1 cubic yard of topsoil = 1.5 tons)

$36.00 per Ton + Delivery


Wood Chips

Fresh materials. Various particle sizes. An economical product for construction sites and unmanicured areas. Not recommended for flower beds or gardens.

$11.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


Safe T Mat ASTM-Certified Playground Mulch

Made of wood fiber, this mulch is soft and safe. It can be used in many situations, including playgrounds, dog runs and walkways. It’s ASTM Certified Playground surfacing. Product color and particle size may vary from the photos.

$29.00 per Cubic Yard + Delivery


River Rock 1 1/2"

$42.00 per Ton + Delivery


Pea Gravel

$33.00 per Ton + Delivery


Mason Sand

$40.00 per Ton + Delivery


River Rock 3/4" - Grade 6 CA11 Gravel

$39.00 per Ton + Delivery


Compost Blend

$32.55 per Yard + Delivery

*Note: deliveries to alleys are more complicated, and 20 cubic yards probably can't be delivered all at once. We will work through any delivery complexities with you to make sure we help you get just what you want, where it is easiest to get it to you!

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Limited Availability

We try very hard to source exactly what you’d like, but sometimes growers run out of plants! While this variety is a great deal at the price shown, we know that it has limited availability. If you want the plant even if it might be more expensive, or in a different size or quantity -- after you place your order, just send us a quick note at Then, we’ll try to get you some version of this from one of our growers. And if we can’t get it from anywhere, of course, we’ll send a refund!

Field-Grown vs. Greenhouse-Grown Plants

Plants which are well-adapted to our local climate are most often field-grown (outside). Field-grown plants are generally cheaper and have the advantage of already somewhat acclimated to our cold winters, but that means they’re not artificially far along in the spring and tend to bloom at the normal time in our area.

Spring annuals and tender perennials are typically grown in Greenhouses so they can be ready and luxurious exactly when customers want them. Some perennials are also “forced” into early bloom in greenhouses. In May, there can be a very big difference between field-grown and greenhouse-grown plants of the same type. The latter typically look good right away (so they’re a great choice where that’s important), but we typically pay a premium for it.

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