Do It Yourself Containers & Combinations

Containers... how do you put them together, anyway?

Do you wish you could fill a few containers with plants for your front and back yards? Well, with a little guidance from the North Shore Plant Club, you actually can do this all by yourself. You'll see how easy it is to get the exact look you want instead of one that looks like you and your neighbor shopped at Costco on the same day.

Here are some great color and style combinations you can create yourself given Plant Club plants which are available now. You may wind up having so much fun making them that you'll want to give away a few away as gifts!

Need more inspiration? Check out our library of photos of planters and containers, an explanation of one common way for thinking about container design -- Thrillers, Fillers & Spillers -- and some thoughts about using perennials in containers. Hopefully you'll find something that floats your boat!

Or, if you want something to show up on your porch or patio that's already in one piece, we have a growing list of hanging baskets and patio pots available for purchase.

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Name Contains Description
Christmas in July
Millionaire's Mix
Bounce Pink Flame Hanging Basket
Trixi Double Take
Dancer (PW)
Starry Sunset
Polar Peach with thriller (PW)
New Orleans (PW)
Trixi Twinkle Star 20
Painted Desert (PW)
Fairy Love
Trixi On The Double
Mexican Fiesta
Trixi Blueberry Parfait
Strawberry Stand (PW)
Paradise Found
Wedding Knot
Polar Peach (PW)
Tiki Torch
Bermuda Blue Skies
Wild Child
Emerald Isle
Bounce Violet/Lilac Mix
Colonel Mustard (PW)
Berry in Love (PW)
Marshmallow Butterflies Patio (PW)
Cherries Jubilee
Royal Serenade
Summer Fun
Trixi Purple with a Purpose
Pretty In Pink
Patriot's Pledge (PW)
Feeling Good (PW)
Bounce Bright Coral/Violet Mix
Westminster Abby (PW)
Runaway Heart (PW)
Trixi Ball Game
Trixi Fairy
Persimmon & Pink
Pineapple Cooler (PW)
Rock Star Rhythm
Fall Twister
Margarita Villa
Spring Sing (PW)
Lucky Power (PW)
Sunshine State (PW)
Trixi Sunset 20
As You Wish
Blue Hawaii
Trixi Sweet Candy 20
Trixi Double The Heat
Voice of an Angel (PW)
Trixi Lollipop
Angel Oak (PW)
Trixi Wild Berry 20
Bugloss Myosotis Blue flowers of Siberian Buglossand Forget-me-Nots echo each other.
Dancing with the Moon (PW)
Cherries in Snow
Trixi Double Date 21
Lost In You
Vintage Velvet (PW)
Uncle Sam
Trail Blazer
Bounce Pink Vino
Sweet Carolina Campfire
A Big Heart (PW)
Burst of Inspiration
Trixi Double Delight
Trixi Twice As Nice
Caribbean Day (PW)
Double Dutch (PW)
Harleman SceneM (PW)
Trixi Liberty Bell 20
Beach Breeze
Heroes Among Us
Never Too Late (PW)
Smiley Face (PW)
Trixi Walk on a Cloud
Mexican Mosaic
Trixi La Bomba 20
Trixi Brass Band
Class Act
Citrus Splash
Trixi Daisy Dance
Caribbean Sunset
Grape Hyacinth/Suncatcher Tulip
Ball of Beauty
Vista View (PW)
Beach Life (PW)
Punch Bowl
Bounce White Violet Jade Frost
Trixi Heat of the Moment
Trixi Out of the Blue
Trixi Two to Tango
Cardinal Countess
Light It Up (PW)
Princess Buttercup
Harvest Splash
Core Creation
Good Morning Beautiful
Peaches & Plums
Trixi Gold & Bold 20
Trixi Who Knew Orleans
Iced Red Velvet
Syrupy Sweet
Orange Juice (PW)
Old Glory
Arabian Nights
Take to Heart (PW)
Happy Day (PW)
Tangerine Queen (PW)
Black Forest
Star Light Star Bright
Trixi Cajun Flare
Sunshine State with thriller (PW)
Spark Of Life
Everything Nice
Justice for All (PW)
Bright and Early (PW)
Bounce Violet Hanging Basket
Inspirational Color
Party Punch
Get In Lime
Trixi Starspinner
Harmonious (PW)
Mrs. Peacock (PW)
Bells of London
Best Friend
Sugar Cookie
Smokebush/Ivory Halo
Black Diamond
Double Blue & Yellow Kate 2 Osteospermum - yellow
1 Angelonia - Blue/Purple
3 Calibrachoa Double Blue
Trixi Strawberry Shortcake 20
Autumn Splendor (PW)
Trixi Daisy Falls
Trixi Sky's The Limit
Firely Evening
Trixi Geisha Girl 20
Chica Boom
Vintage Art
Lovely Falls
Ruby Sensation Special
Treasured Moments
Citrus & Cinnamon
Purple Passion
Cherry Pie
Kings Peak
Citrus Sorbet (PW)
Trixi Bolero 20
Midnight Fireworks
Blue Blood (PW)
Pink Dawn
Smokebush/Euphorbia Cotinus coggygria 'Velvet Cloak' with Euphorbia griffithii 'Fireglow'
Bread and Jam (PW)
Trixi Treasure Chest
Grand Canyon (PW)
Trixi Flamingo Feather 20
All the Time (PW)
Hot for Me (PW)
Reaching the Pinnacle (PW)
Trixi Charged Up Cherry!
Thrill of Brazil
Fall Fiesta
Next In Lime
Trixi Pop the Bubbly
Sweet Star (PW)
Believe in Fairies
Light Up (PW)
Trixi Hotter Than You
Peach Truffle
Royal Punch
Shenandoah (PW)
Jaesey's Smile
Trixi Old Glory 20
Iron & Ice
Royal Princess
Island Falls
Summer Cottage
Made In The USA
Trixi Batting Eyes 20
Prairie Fire
Spice of Life
Mini Crush
Trixi Salt Water Taffy
Fired Up!
Velvet Dragon (PW)
Pool Umbrella (PW)
Called Your Bluff (PW)
Grape Fusion
Good Heart
Spark of the Heart (PW)
Summer Nights
Shine Bright
Trixi Starlight Starbright
Hot, Hot, Hot
Midnight Sparkles (PW)
Trixi Prime Time
Valedictorian (PW)
Bounce Bright Coral Lime Chili
Making Magic (PW)
Spanish Violet (PW)
Trixi Flirtini
Lake Tahoe (PW)
Truly Scrumptious (PW)
Cardinal Glory
Winter Heath 'Myretoun Ruby'/Wood Anemone
Lacey (PW)
Riverblue (PW)
Mystic Light
Rain Forest (PW)
Fall Into Night
Copper Mountain (PW)
Victoria Lake (PW)
Caring Heart (PW)
White Celebration
Summer Sangria
All Right (PW)
Trixi You PINKed My Interest
Purple & Yellow Kate 3 Easy Wave Purple Petunias
2 Yellow Calibrachoa - or other soft yellow trailing
1 Osteospermum - soft yellow or white
3 Lysimachia small plugs at edges to trail
Also - Euphorbia Diamond Frost to add filler if desired.
Good Hearted (PW)
Star Gazing
Paradise Mountain
Rumor Has It (PW)
Bounce Bright Coral Hanging Basket
Sweet Caroline (PW)
Thirst Quencher
Marsala & Midnight
Beachside Drive 2x superbells® tropical sunrise 2x supertunia® honey™ 2x whirlwind® pink
Raven's Midnight
Trixi Written in the Stars
Bounce Pink Flame/White Mix
Hot To Trot
Smokin' Hot
Princess of Paradise
Sun On The Surf
Trixi Berry Daring
Cherry Frost
Faire Day
Vineyard Blossom
Sheer Joy
Jam n' Jelly (PW)
Silver Lining
Crazy Fun
Mini Madness
Amethyst Falls
Picture Perfect
Plentiful and Pink
Trixi Cherry Kiss
Love Letter
Trixi Night Watch 20
Behind Blue Eyes
Trixi Nightfall
Mexican Festival
Velvet Crush
Stars and Stripes
Trixi Lip Sync
Sunset Coast
Trixi Love Song
Holy Smokes Blue & Yellow Kate 2 Osteospermum - yellow
1 Angelonia - Blue/Purple
3 Calibrachoa Double Blue or Superbells Holy Smokes
Aspen Art (PW)
Pomegranate Plunge
Warm Peach Pie
Trixi Raspberry Sorbet
Pink Sky
Trixi Chemical Attraction
Trixi Caribbean Cocktail
Summer Daze
Indian Summer
Peaceful Dreaming
Blue & Yellow Kate 3 Easy Wave Blue or Purple Petunias
2 Yellow Calibrachoa - or other soft yellow trailing
1 Osteospermum - soft yellow or white
3 Lysimachia small plugs at edges to trail
Also - Euphorbia Diamond Frost to add filler if desired.
Side Hustle (PW)
Sweet Tart Punch
Trixi Crazy for Crayons
Rainbow Splash
Instinct (PW)
Aged Copper (PW)
Lemon Lust
Mojo Jojo
Bounce Pink Flame/Lilac Mix
Creeping Jenny/Bugleweed
Trixi Popular Demand
Warm Bread (PW)
Dreaming In Color
Gumdrop Mountain
Trixi Spring Valley 20
Field of Gold (PW)
Trixi Party Favor
Faint of Heart (PW)
Hula Luau

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Limited Availability

We try very hard to source exactly what you’d like, but sometimes growers run out of plants! While this variety is a great deal at the price shown, we know that it has limited availability. If you want the plant even if it might be more expensive, or in a different size or quantity -- after you place your order, just send us a quick note at Then, we’ll try to get you some version of this from one of our growers. And if we can’t get it from anywhere, of course, we’ll send a refund!

Field-Grown vs. Greenhouse-Grown Plants

Plants which are well-adapted to our local climate are most often field-grown (outside). Field-grown plants are generally cheaper and have the advantage of already somewhat acclimated to our cold winters, but that means they’re not artificially far along in the spring and tend to bloom at the normal time in our area.

Spring annuals and tender perennials are typically grown in Greenhouses so they can be ready and luxurious exactly when customers want them. Some perennials are also “forced” into early bloom in greenhouses. In May, there can be a very big difference between field-grown and greenhouse-grown plants of the same type. The latter typically look good right away (so they’re a great choice where that’s important), but we typically pay a premium for it.

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